Cuisines of Silvassa

The local cuisine in Silvassa is essentially tribal, due to the tribal background of the original inhabitants of the region. However, there is a very strong influence of Gujarati cuisines over this place. The fare mainly consists of extensive usage of various vegetables and pulses. Amongst the specialties of the cuisine is the popular use of wild mushrooms and bamboo shoots. Flours made out of rice, raagi (locally called nagli) and jowar are the main ingredients in the preparations of the Indian bread called roti, which is a staple food of the region. It is highly recommended for tourists to try the rotis during their stay at any hotel in and around Silvassa.

Food of Silvassa
Among the locally available non vegetarian food, freshly caught crabs are very popular. River fish like Rohu (Carp), Katla and Mrigals are abundantly available. The tribal population also specializes in using various locally available aromatic herbs like Ambada leaves, Karanda berries and Ajoola leaves, in combination of raw mangoes to create sweetened pickles and mouth watering chutney. It is possible to get a taste of these tribal cuisines in any of the hotels in Silvassa.

One of the local dish not to be missed is a mix of beans and vegetables, cooked with special herbs in an earthen pot. Locally, this dish is called Ubadiyu, which is a very close to the popular Gujarati Undhiyu. This dish is best savored during the winter chill and is best liked when had with buttermilk, with a tinge of turmeric flavor. It is also recommended to experience the other local delicacies like Paunk, Gamthi chicken, Khamam dhokla, Khaman and Doodh Pak. Amongst the local drinks, Tami is a locally brewed liquor popular with the tribal community.

Food of SilvassaDue to the rapid industrialization and movement of immigrant workers, various multi-cuisine restaurants have been established in Hotels and Resorts. They serve both continental and Indian cuisines to suit the tastes of the visitors. This ranges from Moghlai dishes, Punjabi Tandoors, very popular Gujrati Thalis and the favorite Parsi fares. Some of these hotels and restaurants are immensely popular for their signature sea food servings. Other than that, fast food joints and coffee shops have also been set up to cater to the tastes of the new generation.

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